• Wholesale supply of goods

    Companion Consult is the leader in the organization of the international cooperation between producers of China and the enterprises of Commonwealth of Independent States.

    The sphere of our services includes the search of goods made in China that are necessary for you, placement of orders at factories of China, quality control and production terms, delivery and customs clearance. Companion Consult is engaged in delivery of any sorts of goods from China - industrial chemicals, production equipment, construction materials, special equipment, furniture, doors, lamps, etc. wholesale from China producers. We also help with establishment of partnership with plants and factories of China on favorable commercial conditions, placement of orders at the enterprises, delivery of freights from China, the organization of visit of exhibitions in China, rendering of services of interpreters.

    The main activity of Companion Consult is a large wholesale:

    • delivery of goods made in China - hardware, furniture, lamps and other goods wholesale from China
    • supply of building materials - granite and its products, porcelain tile, cement, marble, etc. of China producers
    • Chinese factories, industrial equipment, production lines
    • Acids and other chemical raw materials wholesale from China producers and so on ...
Companion Consult